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MaxBounty ™ - $4,899

Trailer Size (Interior):
An affordable way to get started in the ever growing mobile food industry, the MaxBounty can be fitted with almost any type of appliance accommodating a large variety of food and beverage services.

Any Color

Custom Logo

Choose Your Appliances

Choose from a wide variety of appliances and extras to spice up your stand


Standard Configuration

  • Any Exterior Color
  • Propane tank holder (single)
  • 4 Electrical outlets
  • Exterior electric power hookup
  • Double sink / faucet
  • Hot and cold water taps
  • 2 x 25L water tanks
  • 12V mini water pump
  • Aluminum Diamond non-slip floors with drain for a quick cleanup
  • 201 grade stainless steel counters with bottom shelving
  • One big selling window, one side window, and one entry door
  • 4 heavy duty lifting jacks


All trailers comply with DOT standards and come with a certificate of origin for a smooth registration process at the DMV

Health & Safety

Our trailers regularly pass health inspections as is without a hitch, no pun intended. Still, we're always happy to accommodate any special requests.

Build & Price

30% Deposit due upon starting design work, an additional 30% will be due upon the beginning of the build, the final 40% will be due upon delivery/pickup

Trailer Size (Interior):
Total: $4,899
Exterior Add-ons
Steel Generator Box (+$225)
Logo Decal 4'x 2' (+$110)
Whole Trailer Wrap (+$410)
Dual Metal Awning (+$155)
Dual Tone Trim Color (+$175)
Matte Color (+$155)
Cashier Drawer (+$85)
Overhead Steel Shelving 3 ft. (+$75)
Stainless Steel Cabinet Doors (+$80)
Cold Serve
Soft Serve 3 Bin Ice Cream Machine (+$950)
Snow Cone Machine (+$320)
Display Fridge 19.6x21x44" (+$430)
Dual Propane Range (+$200)
Propane Griddle 28.7" (+$310)
Single Deep Fryer (+$280)
Dual Deep Fryer (+$370)
Gas Oven 41x32x24" (+$550)
Gas Kebab Rotisserie ($380)
Light Cooking
Crepe Circular Griddle (+$315)
Dual Crepe Griddle (+$445)
Waffle Maker ($150)
Hot Dog Rotisserie (+$235)
Hot Dog Rotisserie (+$235)
Microwave (+$245)
Hot Dog Bun Steamer (+$270)
Glass Warming Display (+$290)
Smoothie Blender (+$150)
Juicer Machine (+$220)
Coffee/Espresso Grinder (+$210))
Espresso Machine (+$630)
Mini Ice Maker 12kg/day (+$210)
Ice Maker 50kg/day (+$530)
Display Fridge 19.6x21x44" (+$420)
Prep Fridge (Under Counter) 47x24" (+$550)
Mini Fridge (+$315)
Full Standup Fridge 18x21x51" (+$520)
Generator 3000w Low Noise (+$1150)
AC Unit (+$720)
Hood Vent (+$200)

Shipping & Pickup

Current waitlist is at 7 - 10 weeks for build completion, shipping time is an additional 1 -2 weeks depending on the location. Shipping to major cities and freight centers costs vary between $400 - $700. Feel free to reach out to us for a shipping quote.

Pickup is available from one of our storage facilities at no additional cost by appointment only

- Los Angeles, CA
- San Francisco, CA
- Portland, OR
- Seattle, WA


2100 Atlanta Ave, Riverside, CA 92507

Phone Number

(310) 773-3012